About us

Desh Jure | দেশজুড়ে (deshjure.com) is one of the fastest growing Online News Portals in Bangladesh and a concern of Tech Point Ltd.. Its objective is to be the most trusted news portal in the country. Desh Jure commits and dedicates to provide fast and accurate news to the tech-savvy Bangladeshi people. It operates as a fearless, investigative, informative and neutral journalism platform. Desh Jure is focusing on delivering the most relevant, inspiring, entertaining and helpful content.

Since 2017, Desh Jure is continuously providing real time news and events updates as well as our team remains vigilant to publish all the latest news and events updates before everyone else. Moreover, the portal provides access top previous news archives and article printing option using the modern technologies.

We are keen to ensure the highest possible accuracy in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, politics, economics, culture, education, information technology, health and sports. We are reaching readers with great contents in the form of special reports, columns and features.

Our multimedia content based news site contains all the elements that a traditional newspapers does. A group of youngster journalists are dedicatedly working 24/7 to bridge gaps between the Bengali language people and the rest of the world. Desh Jure team thrives to create a new dimensions to make the dream of Digital Bangladesh a reality.

Vision of Desh Jure (দেশজুড়ে):

Desh Jure visions to keep the Bangladeshi people updated with the professional, reliable, dependable and transparent journalism.

Core objectives of Desh Jure (দেশজুড়ে):

To deliver accurate and impartial news; seek the truth; deliver the facts and offer relevant context and analysis; remain non-judgmental, objective and fair; include all relevant opinions; ensure that no significant strand of thought is neglected.

Who we are:

We are not here just by chance. A great team of professional journalist from all over the country is updating you 24/7 on the current happenings. In a fast changing global context, we are bring you the latest news from global and local reliable sources. Furthermore, our interactive platform allows feedback and inputs from its audience. We will help our fellow countrymen to take a step forward to become informed in global and local perspective.

Though we are a fast information provider, however, we don’t compromise with accuracy, DeshJure.Com is and always will remain ready to be tested by you in terms of professional journalism.